РERFORATED PLANKS have the following advantages:
  • better grip and safety
  • greater bridging due to the U-shape
  • small open area surface reduces the fear of collapse of pedestrians
  • greater stability and load capacity concentrated loads
  • quick and easy installation with standard fasteners
  • Do not keep liquids
  • perfect combination of functionality and appearance

model: TRUCK

Perforated platforms with slot holes are suitable for trailers, antiskidcatwalks and stairs. Made from steel or aluminum with thickness of 2.0 or 3.0 mm

Ламарина за автоплатформи

model: STABLE

Perforated planks with jagged holes are suitable for medium to high risk of slipping. Great antiskid effect makes them a perfect choice for refineries, transporters, scaffolding, water treatment plants, working platforms, footbridges of various metal structures.

delivery time: 10 working days

model: CITY

Perforated planks with round holes can be used both in industrial and urban areas. Diameter of holes (Ø10 or Ø12 mm).


Common applications:

  • Platforms and stairs for machines
  • Stair cases
  • Walk ways of water purification plants or electricity distribution stations
  • Catwalks of refineries or ships
  • Floors in the food industry

Perforated sheet for trailers and auto-platform